NYSGE 43rd Annual Course: Scintillating Success for 2019

Firstly, there was outstanding registration, totaling close to 700 for the main sessions!!

There were also over 150 Optional Advanced Course registrants, at last count. The NYSGE annual course remains the largest regional GI meeting in the USA each year, and trails behind only DDW and the ACG meeting in terms of attendance.

The course was comprised of 89 faculty, 41 presentations in the main session, 24 presentations in the Nurses and Associates program, and countless others in the optional advanced courses.

In fact, there were 4 separate optional and hands-on sessions during the Course, and several other special Programs. These sessions are each unique, innovative and in a word, outstanding.

Attendees came from all over the US and around the world, a testimony to the far reaching word of mouth “buzz” there is about this Course each year.

On top of all that, there were four innovative lunchtime symposia, and 9 special lectures, including the Florence Lefcourt Lecture, given by Uzma Siddiqui, the David Falkenstein Lecture, by Naohisa Yahagi, the NYSGE President’s Address by Sammy Ho, the ASGE President’s Lecture by John Vargo, the ACG President’s lecture by Mark Pochapin, the Richard McCray Lecture, by Jerry Waye, the Ed Bini Lecture, by Peter Draganov, and the Peter Steven’s lecture, by Nick Shaheen. The first ever Sid Winawer Lecture was given by Robin Mendelsohn.

This year’s Course also featured two special tributes to two very special past Presidents, Jerry Waye and Sid Winawer.  The Society salutes both of them for their achievements throughout their careers.

The incredible scientific poster session were led by Susana Gonzalez and Demetrios Tzimas. This year we had over 50 different authors who submitted 38 posters, with several entries from outside the NYC area!!  The poster session review included a cocktail reception on Thursday evening. The room was packed; this is indeed a popular event!  The always popular Peter Steven’s Video Forum, led by Anthony Starpoli and Daniela Jodorkovsky, again was a huge success, with 6 outstanding videos.  The Fellow’s Forum on Thursday evening was superb, coordinated by Michelle Kim and Brian Bosworth; the feedback was excellent.

The Doris C. Barnie Nurses and Associates Program, skillfully arranged as always by Barbara Zuccala and Nancy Schlossberg, again was a huge success, with outstanding lectures and interactive sessions. The Nurses and Associates program this year attracted well over 200 participants, all of whom were raving about the quality of the program. A huge thank you to Barbara and Nancy; we appreciate their efforts immensely.

The Live from New York Course was packed with a range of incredible cases again this year…our most sincere gratitude to Greg Haber for the unbelievable amount of energy and effort he puts into directing this truly outstanding piece of the Course each and every year.  Big time thanks to Sammy Ho as well for his co-leadership this year.   The NYU-Langone location continues to be excellent.  Many thanks to the team there who worked hard to coordinate everything. The quality of the HD transmission is truly spectacular; even more impressive is the quality of the material being presented and the quality of the Faculty doing the procedures and commenting on the care…fascinating procedures at the cutting edge of gastroenterology explained by masters in their field!!

The Society thanks our out-of-town guests at NYU, Peter Draganov, Simon Lo, Uzma Siddiqui and Naohisa Yahagi, who were simply amazing, as well as to our NYC Faculty, who were equally awesome!


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